Vesper’s Origami Lucky Stars Project

Origami Lucky Stars

Origami lucky stars containing song lyrics - Made by Vesper

During Vesper’s winter break from school this year, she began making origami lucky stars.  I’d never seen them before, but thought they were really cute.  They were very bright and colorful, particularly as they began to pile up in the jar that she had selected for her star project.

Vesper began by typing up quotes and song lyrics that she liked using her computer.  She printed them on plain white printer paper, then used watercolors to add a rainbow effect to the pages.

With a paper cutter, she cut the lyrics into long strips.  She used the strips to fold her origami lucky stars.  Origami lucky star folding instructions can be found here: How to fold origami lucky stars.

Vesper's origami lucky stars project

Vesper's origami lucky stars project.

Since Vesper began making hers, I have seen more references to them.  Some people use them as inspirational tools, writing compliments or encouraging words on them to be picked out of the jar at designated intervals.  Some folks give away jars of these stars as gestures of friendship.  Some jars are just used as decorative pieces to liven up tables or shelves.

Whatever one decides to do with them, it’s a neat project idea for kids and adults alike.

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One Response to Vesper’s Origami Lucky Stars Project

  1. suesun says:

    And what great lyrics they are….
    still one of my favorite songs ever.

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