Wouldn’t It Like To Be A Pepper Too?

Michael: “I watched a squirrel drink Dr. Pepper the other day.”

Me: “What?  How did a squirrel drink Dr. Pepper?  On YouTube?”

Michael: “No.  In our yard.”

Me: “Where did a squirrel get Dr. Pepper in our yard?”

Michael: “I found a can of flat Dr. Pepper on the porch and poured it in the bird bath.  Then I watched as a squirrel drank it.  It liked it.”

Me: “The squirrel drank all of the Dr. Pepper?”

Michael: “Well, not all at once!  But, it was all gone the next time I checked.”

Me: “Was it regular Dr. Pepper or Diet Dr. Pepper?”

Michael: “It was regular Dr. Pepper.”

Me: “I don’t think the squirrels should be drinking Dr. Pepper.”

Michael: “Yeah, they prefer rum and Coke.”

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One Response to Wouldn’t It Like To Be A Pepper Too?

  1. Julie says:

    Not sure that one deserves a comment. HaHa!

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