It’s a Cowboy Kinda Christmas

Yep.  I have a Cowboy Christmas Tree.  For a number of years now, the Cowboy Christmas Tree has gone up on the same day as the Tree of Ten Thousand Ornaments.

Cowboy Christmas Tree

Cowboy Christmas Tree

The Tree of Ten Thousand Ornaments is always a real tree, generally a Noble Fir, that we traipse out to a local tree farm to get.  It must be cut, trimmed, mounted in the stand, shimmed, decorated with the ten thousand ornaments that we have, given water and vacuumed up after.  It eventually dies and must be replaced the next year, much like a perennial plant.  A lot of effort goes into the tree of Ten Thousand Ornaments.

The Cowboy Tree, however, is a much simpler endeavor.  It’s an “annual”, after all.  I pull it out of a box, straighten the branches, decorate it with a miniature firearm, branding iron, cowboy boots, chaps, and other cowboy accessories, then let it hang out until it’s time to reverse the process to put it away.

How did the Cowboy Tree tradition come to pass, you ask?  Well, Michael’s birthday is December 21st.  Every year I try to do something non-Christmas related for his birthday.  One year I held a western themed murder mystery party.  Among the very few western style decorations that I could find locally in December was this small artificial tree that had an assortment of western related accessories.  I thought it was perfect, so I bought it for the party.

Little did I know then that the Cowboy Tree would become a holiday tradition in our household, but it has.  It’s kind of fun adding a little of the Wild West to each holiday season.

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  1. lynette says:

    Hey! Love the blog! And the Christmas letter – sadly I don’t do either anymore :o(

    We have a Cowboy Nativity set…the Wise Men are playing guitars and mouth harps, and Mary and Joseph have cowboy boots and hats…

    It is our fav decoration!

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