Goo for You!

Sometimes I wonder if Michael and I are actually even having the same conversation.

Setting:  After dinner tonight.

Scene:  I walked into the kitchen as Michael was putting some items into the dishwasher.  I spotted a flimsy baggie of left-over gravy on the counter.

Me: “Honey, what have I asked you to do with creamy or liquid substances?”

Michael: “I don’t know.”

Me: “Where have I asked you to put them?”

Michael: “In my mouth.”

Me: “I mean once you are finally full.”

Michael: “In your mouth.”

Me: “No.  Assume I am already full too.  Into what should you put the left-over creamy or liquid things?”

Michael: “The refrigerator?”

Me: “Eventually.  They need to go into Tupperware containers first.  What happens when somebody doesn’t see your flimsy baggie here and puts something heavy on top of it?”

Michael: “It squishes out all over the fridge and makes a big mess!”

Me: “Right.

Michael: “But I could lick it up.”

Me: “No, you won’t.  You won’t even realize that anything has oozed out.  It will be my job to find it and clean it up.  That’s why I have asked you to put things like that into solid plastic containers.  Now, if you don’t know where to find the proper size of a plastic container, who should you ask?”

Michael: “I’ll ask Obama!  He’ll fix it!  He’s going to fix everything!”

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