Girls Night Out – It’s Not What You Expect

Last night was the Aloha High School Choir Spaghetti Feed and Silent Auction.  Vesper is in choir, so that’s where we went to have dinner.  In addition to the dinner and auction, students performed musical numbers for the audience.  I really enjoyed hearing the kids sing and play their instruments.

I am always drawn to the silent auction baskets at these types of events.  Michael used to give me a bad time, but he doesn’t anymore.  For a number of years now, he has just joined in.

His goal, he claims, is to bid on the most ridiculous item in each auction.  One year, he won a giant mobile bear head (I’m talking big enough for an adult male to climb inside) that was used in a play at our local elementary school.  The bear head didn’t fit inside of my Chevy Suburban, so he had to wheel it all the way to our house from the school… at about ten o’clock at night.  Did I mention that Michael was dressed in a king costume, complete with a crown and royal red robe (with white and black spotted fur trim)?  Yeah, it was a theme dinner and silent auction, so we were dressed up.  I guess he had several cars stop on the road to gawk at him as he made his way home that night.

Anyway,  last night probably pales in comparison to that occasion, but it’s still a story worth telling.  Michael announced during dinner that he was going to go find a basket to bid on.  When I got over to the tables, I noticed that he was bidding on a “Girls Night Out” basket.  The thing that made me laugh was that he was bidding against another guy.  In fact, no women placed any bids on it all night.

Girls Night Out Basket

I'm sorry this photo is so blurry. It was taken at night, using my cell phone.

In the basket was a “The Notebook” DVD, a box of tissues (apparently because the movie is depressing), a bag of microwave popcorn, a personal journal with two pens, a green purse, a bag of Lindt milk chocolate balls, and three colors of NYC nail polish.

I chose two baskets on which to bid.  One had a pair of athletic shoes that would have fit JJ, a couple of Blazers shirts – one of which would have fit Michael – and a girl’s Blazers cap that would have fit Justie.  There was another guy there who wanted that basket just slightly more than I did, though.  He kept outbidding me.  So, I settled for bidding on the “Pet Basket” for which I had donated most of the items anyway.  Nobody was bidding against me, so my win was easy.

Michael had a little stiffer competition.  He let the other guy he was bidding against keep the winning bid until just moments before the end of the auction.  Then he swooped in with another dollar bid.

Vesper and I are so accustomed to the kooky things that Michael does, that we often just sort of ignore a lot of his antics.  However, when his name was announced as the winner of the “Girls Night Out” basket, it was hard to ignore him cheering for himself.

When we got home with our spoils, Michael promptly popped his bag of popcorn and ate it.  He ignored most of the rest of the basket, only commenting that he thought the purse was worthless.  He said, “It’s not even big enough to fit an iPad.  Otherwise, it’d be my green iPad sling bag.”

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One Response to Girls Night Out – It’s Not What You Expect

  1. Julie says:

    Oh my goodness! He totally cracked me up when Q and I showed up at your door on Halloween night. He must make life so much FUN! The Notebook is kind of the quintessential chick flick. I hope you get the chance to see it, and yes, you will need the tissues.

    Oh, btw, where’s the bear’s head now?

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