Monkey Business

Michael's new iPad 2

Michael and Vesper with the iPad 2

Michael finally received his iPad 2.  He’s been having fun playing with it, but I am having second thoughts about it.

I made the mistake of syncing it with my Gmail calendar, thinking the pop-up reminders would be a nice way to keep Michael abreast of all of the family activities that he might otherwise forget are looming on the horizon.

It didn’t occur to me that he would promptly teach himself to add his own events to my digital calendar system.  To each of these events, he can add pop-up reminders and emails that go directly to my cell phone.

The other night, while at Book Club, I received a notification letting me know that it was time to “Jump around like a drunk monkey!”.  He was even kind enough to add the location: “at Gretchen’s House” just in case I forgot where I was.


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2 Responses to Monkey Business

  1. Michael says:

    I can post links to my java applets with my iPad!

  2. Alice says:

    Michael, what does this do? Other than follow the mouse click…

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