It’s Only iCandy

Michael found out yesterday that he won an iPad 2 at work.  An email was sent out saying this:

…the lucky winner of our 3Q2011 price drawing is Michael T Stevens. Congratulations, Michael.

Actually Michael’s winning is not sheer luck. Michael is a prolific inventor with 10 U.S. patents along with a number of trade secrets under his name. In 3Q2011 he has made 3 submissions!...”

Yes, it really was a “price” drawing, not a “prize” drawing, because the winning inventor was determined through a ticket system based on the the company’s stock closing price.

Since we found out he is the winner, I have been teasing him about how much fun I am going to have playing with his new toy.

This morning, we had this actual conversation during a romantic moment –

Me: “Mmm… Say something nice to me.”

Michael: “Um…”

Me: “Something like, ‘I’ll let you play with my iPad 2′.”

Michael: “I’ll let you look at my iPad 2. You can see how pretty it is, but you can’t touch.”

Me: “I’ll let you look at me and see how pretty I am, but you can’t touch.”

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