Sorry About the Wookiee Hair. He Sheds Year-Round.

The following is an actual conversation that I had with Michael this morning.

Michael: “Do you know what you need?”

Me: “A Chewbacca?”

Michael: “You think cat hair is a problem?  Wait until you have a Chewbacca!”

Me: “Yeah, but he would be the only pet that we have that could unload the dishwasher.  He can play chess too.”

Michael: “He could also fix things.”

Me: “Then I wouldn’t need you.”


Me: “Where can I get a Chewbacca?”

Michael: “That will be my Facebook status.”

Me: “You don’t have a Facebook account.  That should be MY status.”

Michael: “My imaginary status would be, ‘Where can I get a Chewbacca?’.”

Me: “You mean, ‘Where can I get a Chewbacca as a gift for my wife?”.

Michael: “That’s right.”

Me: “Shouldn’t you actually just ask for a Wookiee?  Chewbacca might not be available.  Besides, I’d want to change his name.  Chewbacca sounds kind of like ‘Chew Tobacco’.”

Michael: “It does.”

Me: “I’d name him ‘Chewchoco’.”

(much later)

Me: “What was it that you thought I needed?”


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One Response to Sorry About the Wookiee Hair. He Sheds Year-Round.

  1. Michael says:

    Here is my “Top Ten List” of why we need a wookie.

    10) Telemarketers vs. wookie!
    9) Purina Wookie Chow (it’s delicious).
    8) No more costly hyper-drive repairs.
    7) They can sing the words to almost any musical!
    6) Like to push the shopping cart at grocery stores (tries to sneak Pop Tarts in cart).
    5) Look great in a tux (but they aren’t real keen on wearing pants).
    4) Han Solo invited to Thanksgiving dinner.
    3) Someone who shares my love of “Planet Of The Apes” movie marathons.
    2) Wookies are the swing vote in the presidential primaries.
    1) Dance Dance Revolution

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